Lightsource bp UK has commited to invest £125million into the UK rooftop solar market in 2015

Lightsource has announced a dedicated investment of more than £125million into the UK rooftop solar market in 2015 as it strides towards its 1 Gigawatt target of operational assets. The company believes that its partnerships with PV installers will be key to unlocking the potential of the rooftop market.

After deploying £1.5 billion in just four years, Lightsource is set to become the first solar energy company to break the Gigawatt milestone by the end of March 2015.The investment of £125million will be allocated to rooftop solar projects in the UK, as the company looks to deliver 120 MW of installations on commercial buildings, schools, households and social housing.

Lightsource is inviting solar PV installers to a special drinks reception at Ecobuild on Tuesday 3rd March, at 5.30pm, to meet with its CEO Nick Boyle and other senior company representatives to discuss partnership opportunities, project funding and installation agreements.

Nick Boyle, CEO at Lightsource, said: “Over the last few months, Lightsource has worked persistently to address the barriers to rooftop solar deployment. The biggest breakthrough has been our midscale solar power purchase agreement (PPA) which is praised for its simplicity by end users and installers alike. This has enabled a significant pipeline to emerge and therefore we are able to affirm our commitment of £125 Million, allocated specifically towards rooftop solar projects.

“Now that we have allocated the funds, relationships with installers will be key in realising our ambition. Therefore, we are keen to seek out these partnerships and work with local supply chains. 30 installer firms have already signed up with us and I would like to see that double in the next couple of months.”

For more information on the Lightsource drinks reception at Ecobuild, contact the communications team on 0333 200 0755 or email