Adam Pegg, Australia Country Manager

To celebrate the first year of our partnership with BP, we’ve asked team leaders across the globe to reflect back on the past twelve months.

From an Australian perspective, the first twelve months of our partnership with BP has been all about building the relationship on a local level. We’ve dedicated a lot of time to introducing and integrating the two teams, the Lightsource Australia offices working closely alongside the BP Australia teams to really uncover the potential for the partnership. The goal of Lightsource BP, as a strategic alliance, is to accelerate the low-carbon transition to the benefit of both businesses, so the work of this first year has really focused on building strong relationships and a firm foundation, so that next year and going forwards we can make the most of our strengths and gain impressive traction in the Australian market.

We’re in a particularly strong position for bringing our offering to Australia, and that’s emphasised by our partnership with BP. For BP, our presence in the market provides them with an opportunity to procure solar electricity for their customers from a recognized global industry leader. An integrated strategy works for BP, as a direct off-taker for Lightsource BP solar projects, but also as a partner in providing supplementary solar solutions to their mining and off-grid customers. Offering a dual solution of solar and diesel to these customers not only brings trust and credibility from both sides, but also has the bonus of doubly-securing customers and future-proofing business.

All in all, the first year of the Lightsource BP partnership has been a success for our Australian teams, with an impressive tender win securing an agreement with Snowy Hydro garnering huge positive reactions, as well as a the construction of a strong pipeline of projects – we’re in a position now to accelerate our offerings into the future, and bring secure renewable energy solutions to corporations and communities across Australia.