Conor McGuigan, Business Development Director for Europe

To celebrate the first year of our partnership with BP, we’ve asked team leaders across the globe to reflect back on the past twelve months.

I’ve been part of this company since the very beginning, and I’ve seen us go through a great deal of transitions, but this past year has been the most exciting by far.

In Europe, this first year of the partnership has been largely focused on building strong relationships between our local offices and those of BP. From country to country, we’ve been solidifying our processes and establishing steady local partnerships, and unusually for such a large transition it has been a seamless process, without any restrictions or complications!

The partnership has undeniably been a gamechanger for us, in terms of the backing and reputation that working with BP has given Lightsource. The influence and reach of BP has been a huge benefit in getting a seat at the table for PPA negotiations – those two extra letters at the end of our name have opened doors across the globe, but particularly in Europe we have been able to double our footprint in just twelve months. Adding to our offices in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, we have just recently announced the establishment of new teams in Milan and Madrid.

In just twelve months, our partnership with BP has proven to be a gamechanger, not just for us but for the solar industry as a whole. Pairing unparalleled solar expertise with the reach and reputation of one of the world’s biggest energy providers has not just elevated Lightsource BP as a global leader but given the solar industry as a whole more credibility, not just in Europe but worldwide.