Joined 2010, Australia – I joined Lightsource bp at the very beginning of the company’s operations. I had just finished nine months of backpacking around the world, it was the middle of a recession, I was sleeping on my brother’s sofa and had nothing to lose. The business plan looked good and I thought I’d give a start-up a shot! By the end of the first month the business plan had been rewritten entirely, and it was rewritten again and again over the next few years!

I’ve been with the company for nearly a decade now, working in the UK, in Ireland, and Egypt, and now I’m back in Australia where my career began. I’m responsible for identifying new business opportunities and overseeing the development of new projects, all the way from feasibility through to construction. My role gives me a brilliant mix of city life working in the buzzing office, and getting out to the country seeing development sites and collaborating with landowners and surrounding communities.

From the very beginning, working at Lightsource bp has been rewarding. Day-to-day, I collaborate with clever and motivated people, watching projects come alive from concept to operations. Each site contributes to the renewable energy transition, and looking back over my journey with the company I can see how much of a difference we’ve made already.

Nick Robb, Co-Head of Development, Australia



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