Joined 2010, UK – I joined Lightsource bp at the beginning as the Technical Director, which is a title I’ve held ever since. For the past decade, my remit has remained the same – to ensure that all the solar that Lightsource bp develops and builds is safe, fit for purpose and competitive in the current financial market – but the practical implications of that is very different today to how it was in 2010.

Back then, we were building small sites in the UK, some less than a megawatt. Today, there is a responsibility for myself and the extended technical team not only for the standard of all of our installations, some of which are now hundreds of megawatts, but also for technology innovation and our technological interface with BP’s operations and research.

Lightsource bp has never been a “cookie cutter machine”, creating conventional conservative solar PV plants, we’ve always pushed the envelope when it comes to renewable energy to ensure early adoption of relevant technology.  From floating solar to bifacial panels, and most recently the first ever instance of a solar service being provided in the UK at night, I engage with our internal tech team and external consultants to ensure we continue to be the cutting edge of the industry.

Lightsource bp has always had a strong, distinct can do, will do, culture that sets us apart from anywhere else I’ve worked. There’s a team spirit and camaraderie that’s refreshing in the professional world – I think being part of such an important goal – a greener future, globally – fosters a sense of community that you don’t usually find in a workplace.

Chris Buckland, Technical Director, UK



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