Joined 2019, USA – I’ve worked as a renewable energy developer since 2007, mostly solar in the USA, but I’ve worked across Canada and Mexico too. One of the main motivations for me in joining Lightsource bp was the chance to be part of such a great team. The structure and culture of the organization had a lot of appeal, there’s a great team spirit and a very dynamic energy, which makes the company a great place to work.

My role itself is very rewarding – development work in general challenges one to be resourceful, and I relish the way that my day-to-day job relies on me using my wits and experience to anticipate issues and problem solve. I focus on development, implementation, M&A and generating new projects for our pipeline, so my work is incredibly varied and interesting.

There’s a lot to love about working for Lightsource bp – meeting with landowners and jurisdictions, negotiating with counterparties, thinking about markets. As developers, we have a great responsibility in shepherding projects through the development process and, at the end of all of that work, our team gets to build renewable energy projects. I have a fulfilling career knowing that we get to make a difference with every MW we deliver.

Javier De La Garza, Development Director, USA



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