Joined 2019, Spain – After several years working in the wind sector for a range of clients, I was excited to have the opportunity to switch to solar, especially with for a company like Lightsource bp, with such a prominent position in the industry. My role as a performance manager, within the Asset Management department, means that I’m focused on the performance analysis of the renewable assets to improve efficiency and reduce their costs.

Lightsource bp is developing projects around the world – our portfolio is constantly growing, adding new plants and new technologies, which means that we need to be constantly learning and adapting. There’s so much scope for professional growth, and I get to be part of something I believe in, working alongside other experts to promote solar and combat climate change.

Alongside my ambition to work in solar, Lightsource bp’s international reach is one of the many things that drew me to the company in the first place. The company as a whole is a diverse group, and even within my team, there is a wide range of different nationalities. It’s an exciting, interesting place to work, both from a professional perspective and a personal one.

Claudia Puyals Boix, Performance Manager, Spain



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