Joined 2019, Brazil – I’ve worked in the renewable energy sector in Brazil for my whole career, but for the first several years my focus was on wind power. Around six years ago I made the leap to solar, working on developing projects across the country.

I’m very passionate about the environment and count myself lucky to be able to work in the renewable sector. Brazil is the perfect place for solar, and there’s great potential for the industry to develop here. I’m proud to be part of the energy revolution, particularly in driving renewables forward in my own country.

When Lightsource bp came to Brazil, I was working at Enerlife, and when the opportunity arose I was happy to migrate to Lightsource bp. It’s a company with a lot of vision and a very united purpose – everyone is on the same page and there’s a great deal of collaboration. It’s unique, in that the directors and senior leadership team are accessible to the rest of the company, recognition is high and there’s a real culture of teamwork across all levels. The fact that a company just ten years old had so much international experience and had already made such a significant impact on the solar industry was very attractive to me, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Jose Henrique, Development Analyst, Brazil



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