Joined 2019, UK – I’ve worked in communications since graduating – before joining Lightsource bp, I worked for Shell, so this role isn’t my first experience in the energy industry, but it is my first in the renewables sector, as well as the first time I’ve worked in energy generation rather than supply. The chance to switch to renewables was one of the main reasons I chose Lightsource bp.

The company’s ethos of constant change and development, as well as it’s reputation for being open to new ideas, really appealed to me, and I haven’t been disappointed. In less than a year that I’ve been with Lightsource bp, I’ve already had the opportunity to learn so much, as well as being able to take real ownership over projects and affect real change. It’s a job where you really feel like you’re making a difference.

On a day-to-day level, it’s very hard to get bored at Lightsource bp. With some jobs, you’d say “every day is different”, but in my role it’d be more accurate to say every hour. I could start the day working on a project in Brazil, and then be writing something for our team in India by lunchtime. My team provides marketing and comms to the whole business, supporting our 13 offices in various countries, and there’s a great culture of collaboration and teamwork, both within my department and the company as a whole.

Working for Lightsource bp means that I’m making a positive difference to the global energy industry, doing my bit for a greener planet, but the impact we have isn’t just on climate and sustainability. In my free time, I’m a passionate charity volunteer, so the Lightsource Foundation was a big draw for me. I’m incredibly proud to be working for a company that isn’t just tackling climate change globally, but also helping to give back to disadvantaged communities on a local level.

Joanne Murefu, Communications Executive, UK



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