Joined 2015, UK – When I look at my Lightsource bp career, it feels like my personal journey with the company reflects a lot of the progress we’ve made as a business. I started out in 2015 as a Junior Project Developer – I was responsible for sourcing land and grid connections for solar assets in the UK. Now, I’m part of the International Development team, working on projects across the world.

In the past five years I’ve held a variety of different roles on different teams and different continents. I’ve spent time in Cairo, working as Chief of Staff for our Egyptian joint venture, I’ve worked on tenders all across the globe, and my travels for the company have taken me to the majority of the continents we operate on.

The difference between the company that I joined and the business that Lightsource bp is today is huge, and I feel hugely proud to have been a part of such an important part of the global renewable energy story. The highlight of my Lightsource bp career has to be the months I spent working alongside my colleagues in the Strategy Team on our partnership with bp. It’s been amazing to be part of a chapter in our history and to be working with some of the best minds in the industry, on the front-line of the global shift to renewable energy.

Tom Warwick, Manager, International Development



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