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Joined 2019, Brazil – I joined Lightsource bp when the company acquired the projects from Enerlife. In a way, it was love at first sight. We chose Lightsource bp as much as they chose us. From the very beginning it was a perfect fit – the synergy we’ve found in this company is incredible. It’s a culture we strongly recognize, full of people who work hard, and with passion, because we truly love what we do.

My role in the legal team gives me a unique perspective – I have the opportunity to work with all the different teams in the company, which is a challenging, changeable task. I’m never bored! Our job is to guarantee the legal security of all the development projects in Brazil, in addition to taking care of all local corporate issues, managing the work of the law firms we hire, updating regulatory and contractual aspects, and many, many other tasks. There’s always something new to learn, and I feel very privileged to work alongside colleagues with so much expertise.

For me, work is more than a job, but a passion as well. I love the challenges and the possibilities that Lightsource bp gives me, and the reward that comes from working in renewables, literally working to make the world a better place.

Michelle Mello, Legal Counsel, Brazil



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