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Joined 2019, UK – When I joined Lightsource bp, my responsibility was to make sure the company was able to support significant people growth. We wanted to protect the unique aspects of the company’s culture, but also make sure that we built structure and environment that allowed for our people to be successful, that was sustainable, and created valuable and valued work for every person. We’ve made a lot of changes, and it’s an evolving process, but I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far.

Prior to Lightsource bp, I’d spent 15 happy years in biotech and pharmaceuticals, so switching to renewables was a big leap! I made the move for three main reasons…

Inspiring leaders. During my MA in Modern History and Politics (with a little objective research and a lot of shenanigans and discussions in local pubs) I gained a fascination for the impact that individuals have on the course of history during intense periods of  social, economic and political change. When I interviewed at Lightsource bp I was struck firstly by how diverse the leaders I met were, and secondly the shared genuine passion and commitment they had to the business’ success, both now and in the future. People were very clearly at the heart of their thinking and ambitions for the company.

Pace and scope. I was born in Alaska whilst my father explored the North slope for bp and he continued to search for oil for the next 25 years of my life. I was used to the huge excitement of “first oil” being drawn from new fields, moving house and country every 18 months for the next adventure, being surrounded by a changing landscape of new people, languages and cultures. Whilst much of the technical depth and leadership in my HR career has been gained through working in (rich!) multinationals such as Roche/Genentech and GSK, I am continually drawn to the fast pace, agile thinking and international opportunity of entrepreneurial businesses. Lightsource bp has bright, people who make well informed decisions quickly, and have the ambition and execution to maximise our opportunities in the Renewables industry, ahead of the market. These are also people who like to have fun and celebrate successes, also a shared value for me!

Integrity. And finally, as a mother of two great kids, the opportunity to be part of creating an environmentally sustainable, economically viable, energy solution is a big pull for me. It might sound corny, it might sound tree huggy, but I believe that Lightsource bp, and our partnership with bp, is fundamental to changing the mindset and buying patterns of everyone who consumes energy. I would like to see a carbon neutral future for my kids, their friends, their families – the constant screams of “Fortnite”,  continuous cycles of “Hamilton” being played on Alexa and pinging of popcorn in the microwave will at least be fuelled by alternate energy sources for some other mother.

Joining Lightsource bp has been great for me in many ways. I’ve had to learn how to adapt to a new industry, and business model, which has been tough at times and requires constant learning, but it’s worth it. I work in a team of HR professionals who are constantly up for the challenges that fast growth brings to our population of people, and go the extra mile to support the organisation. Finally, it’s fun – I like the people I work with, and when you spend this much time at work – especially remotely – finding people you trust, connect and laugh with is a pretty fundamental aspect of a rewarding career.

Heather Hayes, Global HR Director


Corporate biography

Heather joined Lightsource bp as Global HR Director in 2019, bringing with her over 15 years of experience in HR leadership positions. Heather oversees all Human Resources activities across every Lightsource bp jurisdiction.

Her expertise has been key in driving the company’s ambitious growth forwards, alongside Lightsource bp’s commitments to sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, and beyond.

Before joining us, Heather held the role of VP, Global Head of HR, at Horizon Discovery, and has also held Global HR positions at GSK, Roche and Genentech. She has an MA in History, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management and Services.


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