Joined 2012, London – 10 years has gone by fast and there are many memories from this mad Lightsource journey I have been on.

I started out in Technical Asset Management working at 15 Old Bailey where we had a small office space. At the time we had built around 30MW and Lightsource was spread out over a number of different offices in the area. We were expanding quickly, and Octopus had no more space for us to squeeze in with them at 20 Old Bailey. Eventually we got our own floor at 20 Old Bailey which allowed everyone to be all in the same place. As the Technical Asset Management team grew I was promoted to the head of the team and managing the 300MW we had built to date. With the restructuring in late 2013, all the technical teams were combined and was then responsible for the management of the products being installed at our site. As a procurement team was created I then moved across in to this team working closely with suppliers and EPCs. Late 2017 I moved again to lead the product development for Lightsource Labs to create a innovative energy management system. Lightsource has given me the opportunity to work in many parts of the business and gain experience which has been invaluable to my career. I continue to believe in what we are doing at Lightsource and see a great future for us as the pace to decarbonise the world increases.

I have only ever worked in the London offices though Lightsource has given me the opportunity to travel all over the UK and international travel to meet suppliers and team members based in Germany, Spain, Italy, India, China and Australia. As an Aussie we generally love to travel to explore new places, cultures and experiences so working with Lightsource has been a gift in this respect.

There are many highlights during my time with Lightsource which makes it impossible to select just one and will instead give a flavour of the most memorable times.

  • Being involved in building a GW+ portfolio of sites in the UK and abroad.
  • The sense of achievement is huge when a site I have been closely involved with is connected before the deadline.
  • The many great people working with Lightsource now and in the past
  • Parties in all these past years have been a blast. Rooftop parties in the early years at Nick’s place in Shoreditch, Lightstock and Christmas celebrations.


Todd Hill, Head of Products, Lightsource Labs