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Joined 2019, Brazil – I joined Lightsource bp because the company prioritizes the environment, society and economy in its work. This, I believe, is necessary for the sustainable development of my country Brazil. As a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyst, I am able to analyze the impacts our projects will have on their surroundings to inform executive and engineering decisions with geospatial data and insights to site solar projects responsibly. We not only respect environmental regulations, but we also seek the best sustainability practices and exchange ideas around the world.

Personally, I have contact with people all across Brazil and in differerent countries. There is a constant exchange of experiences, from routine chats about regional dishes, to explanations of professional life in other parts of the world.

I believe diversity is key for growth, as different points of view develop innovative solutions. Lightsource bp fosters a culture of diversity and respect for employees. Here, it is possible to be who you really are; your opinion, choices, decisions and way so of being are respected. In my opinion, this essence makes Lightsource bp unique.

-Felipe Clemente, GIS Analyst


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