Respect for people and the planet, Ricardo’s story

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Joined in 2020, Brazil – In my role as country manager for Brazil, I oversee all of Lightsource bp’s activities in the country. Together with the leadership team, my mission is to champion our objectives in Brazil and provide direction to achieve these goals, while always ensuring that our team and partners have the support necessary to succeed. I’m also responsible for institutional partnerships in Brazil, for example with Absolar (Brazilian Solar Energy Association), where I’m a board member.

What attracted me to Lightsource bp is my strong alignment with the company’s values and mission, in combination with the company’s great ambition to constantly improve. The profitable and continuous growth of any business can and must come from the combination of respect for people, respect for the planet, integrity and diversity in every imaginable form. I found this genuine combination within Lightsource bp, where this is all applied in practice, not only in talk.

A dynamic culture, business-oriented and, at the same time, light. We are intensely pursuing our goals but, at the same time, our culture is also to have fun. This makes the day-to-day run more smoothly, which is also key to driving better results. Diversity also has a very positive impact on our business. We are different people, from different countries, cultures, and personal backgrounds. This, at the end of the day, allows Lightsource bp to be a global and a local company at the same time, present in so many countries. We take these different perspectives into consideration for every business decision, which helps drive our success.

Ricardo Barros, Head of Country, Brazil


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