Our story

How Lightsource began

Lightsource bp was founded as Lightsource Renewable Energy in 2010. We began as a small UK start-up, with a plan to deploy retail investment into solar energy projects.

Our founder’s decision to secure investment upfront paid-off quickly. In just a few months, Lightsource bp became the UK’s largest solar developer, investing and delivering many of the UK’s first utility-scale solar projects.

Our partnership with bp

In 2017 we partnered with bp. Since then, we have grown in all areas of our business, including entering new markets and supersizing our projects.

We chose bp as a partner that could support our ambition for rapid growth. Working in 50:50 partnership with an integrated energy major like bp gives us the ability to scale, but also to think outside the box – from green hydrogen to innovative power pricing structures. There is so much opportunity to address the global energy transition in partnership.

From kilowatts to gigawatts in 10 years

The first utility-scale solar project we delivered was a 700 kilowatts site in the UK. Today, our largest development in Australia produces 600 megawatts.

Our recently announced ambition of delivering 25 gigawatts of solar by 2025 emphasises our commitment to helping the world’s energy system decarbonise at the rapid pace required.

Our people and culture

Driving Lightsource bp is a team of over 800 people, working right across the world. Visit the page below to see more about our culture, values, and what makes us shine.

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