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The leading source of renewable electricity

Solar power is now the most cost-effective means of electricity supply in regions with a strong solar resource. It is also the fastest growing source of new energy globally, and we are at the forefront in unlocking its potential worldwide.

Solar is growing at a rapid rate

The speed at which solar is being deployed worldwide is unprecedented in recent years. According to the International Energy Agency, it was the fastest growing energy source in 2016, with global capacity increasing 50% that year.


Solar is predictable and sustainable

A solar project can help power industrial and local communities with clean energy while meeting carbon reduction targets and protection against price volatility.

Solar is highly competitive

The cost of most forms of renewable power have decreased significantly in recent years, this is especially true of solar – due to reduced equipment costs improvements in performance and innovative financing.


Solar is quick to deploy

Typical construction periods for our large-scale projects are measured in months, not years. Solar is also scalable, enabling our engineers to adapt a solution which best fits your business’ needs.