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Our goal is simple: to change the face of the global energy market

From the beginning, Lightsource BP has been instrumental in accelerating the growth of solar as an energy source worldwide. Our financial expertise and unparalleled track-record has allowed us grow exponentially over the past eight years, and our resources and backing give us the reach to continue to do so into the future.

Our ambitions for 2023

  • Recruit and retain the best global talent
  • Control large portfolios of utility scale solar assets across our strategic markets
  • Maintain our reputation as an industry-leader in safety & integrity
  • High-volume business development and a strong culture of optimization from tender to construction
  • Long-term ownership/control of our assets, with a focus on maximizing value




Progress and innovation have always been at the forefront of our corporate DNA – Lightsource BP is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of not just solar but the energy industry as a whole. From rooftop installations of unprecedented size and scope to PPA agreements saving businesses thousands, infrastructure designed to overcome grid limitations to ground-breaking floating solar projects, ourĀ approach is focused on shifting the boundaries of hardware and technology towards smarter and digitised energy delivery.

Global reach and buying power places us at the forefront of innovation, which enables us to advance further into developing new and exciting products that truly are win-win solutions for our customers.