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Join the home energy revolution

Energy is changing across the world – could it be time that your home changes with it? Tribe, our smart home energy management system, gives you the chance to save money on your energy bills, by taking control of the way you power your home. Our advanced learning and analytics allow you to manage your energy consumption more effectively – Tribe makes simple changes behind the scenes, allowing you to waste less electricity, reduce your carbon footprint and save money, all without lifting a finger!

Same home, brand new energy

Tribe is a home energy management system that monitors your energy usage. Its advanced learning and analytics allow you to manage your electricity consumption more effectively, changing your habits to become less wasteful, reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Tribe uses innovative technology that harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) and turns your home into a smart home, allowing you to optimises power flows by time-shifting on-site generation, home appliances and energy storage. Tribe lets you reduce your reliance on energy from the grid and ultimately saves you money.

Tribe puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to get the most out your own energy generation and consumption.


Consumers in Control - Smart Homes

Mid 2016, Lightsource and EDF Energy joined forces to create a revolutionary renewable energy system and storage system, easily tailored…

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