Make the most of your land

Leasing land for solar farm installation provides a long-term and sustainable income. We work with landowners and farming businesses across the country, creating custom-designed solar installations with dual-land use in mind, such as grazing small livestock, increased biodiversity and cropping.

What’s in it for you?

✓ Sustainable, long-term rental income

✓ Diversification of land use

✓ Low-impact, emission-free infrastructure

✓ Support clean energy resources for your local community

100 Acres? Flat-ish? Well screened?

We are looking to rent land over 100 acres, relatively flat, well screened and ideally not immediately adjacent to a densely populated area or a historical monument. Our lease agreements usually last for 30 years and rental payments are index-linked and made quarterly in advance. Want to find out more?

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Renting out your land for a solar installation comes with many advantages, including reliable rental income, continued agricultural use of your land and increasing levels of biodiversity.

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Planning & Community Engagement

Our Planning team are recognised industry experts, with unparalleled experience in working with local authorities to obtain planning permission for solar projects. We employ a thorough process for each site, drawing on local knowledge from communities and specialists to create successful planning applications.

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