Why solar?

Solar photovoltaic (“PV”) costs have declined sharply in recent years and solar is now cost competitive with traditional fuel sources. This clean, locally-sourced energy resource offers added economic benefits ranging from long-term pricing visibility to hedging against energy price fluctuations.

Major corporations, cities, universities and other prominent energy consumers are finding new ways to work with their utilities to incorporate utility-scale PV into the local energy mix. These projects enable customers to achieve their sustainability targets and present unique opportunities to demonstrate climate leadership.

How does it work?

Lightsource bp is uniquely positioned to be a full-service long-term solar partner. We design, build, own and operate the solar PV project and enter into a long-term contract with your utility to provide clean, renewable energy for your operations. Your utility will sell the electricity and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from our projects to customers interested in solar through a green tariff.

 What can Lightsource bp offer my business?

  • No up-front capital costs
  • No on-site space required
  • No operational risk


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