Low-cost electricity tailored to your Life of Mine

Given the choice, businesses with foresight will put into place appropriate measures to hedge against the risk of rising costs of operations; from employment to transport costs and beyond. Although fuel prices are currently low, solar energy is now the cheapest form of electricity supply. With ever volatile global fuel prices set for a long term recovery, increasing environmental regulation and a consumer-led demand for a greener supply chain – why not act now and fix a portion of your operation’s costs with flexible-term solar?

Lightsource bp’s in-house team of experienced professionals can deliver a temporary fully-funded solar hybrid solution that’s tailored to fit the lifespan of your operations. What we are able to deliver is supply and long-term price security, and that has never been done before. Our offering is based on the premise of a long-term partnership, and we are confident that our solar hybrid solution will truly make a difference to your business, particularly the bottom line.


  • No capital expenditure

  • Fully-funded solution

  • Budgetary certainty

  • Major savings realised immediately

  • Reduced carbon exposure

  • PPA tailored to suit your LoM (5-15+ years)

Why partner with Lightsource bp?

No capital expenditure

We offer a fully funded, behind-the-meter solution where electricity is billed and delivered through a fixed-term power purchase agreement, reducing operational costs by offsetting higher cost energy generation and/or grid network charges.

A proven solution

Lightsource bp is already supplying solar electricity to many large corporates including automotive manufacturers, processing plants, water utilities and airports, with a total global installed capacity of 1.3GW to date and a portfolio of 2GW under management.

No long term obligations

No need for a 25+ year contract. With our innovative “Funded Lift & Shift” solar solution we’re able to provide solar on a timeframe tailored to your Life of Mine (LoM). When power is no longer required, Lightsource bp recovers the solar plant with no ongoing obligations.

No disruption

Our in-house team of over 300 solar specialists work hand-in-hand with your site team, developing a solution which seamlessly integrates with your day-to-day operations without causing any disruptions to your business.

Global leadership

Lightsource bp represents a strategic partnership dedicated to accelerating the low-carbon-transition worldwide. Our scale and buying power puts us at the forefront of technology and global market development. By choosing Lightsource bp, you will always be ahead of the game.

Future innovation

As the economic case develops, our long-term ambition is to also deliver a significant amount of our client’s night-time baseload using storage technology, which could result in huge cost reductions and improved supply security.