What you do, does matter

To inspire leadership and change, we have to recognize the contributions of our people. Our rewards and benefits expand above and beyond financial gains. Job satisfaction in Lightsource bp is so much more than just a number, it’s also a sense of purpose, inspiration, respect and self-worth knowing that the great work we do together will create real change on the global energy landscape.

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Hard work pays off

We want to attract and retain the best talent. We’ve structured our corporate benefits packages and bonus schemes to demonstrate our commitment in recognizing hard work and long-term commitment.

Read some of our real life stories below to find out more.

Wearing many hats, Liza’s story – Joined 2010

Lifelong ambition fulfilled, Noemie’s story – Joined 2015


Room to grow

Solar is a fast-changing landscape, and Lightsource bp is an ever-evolving business. We want to get the best from our staff, so we provide lots of opportunities for career development, learning and qualifications. We make sure all our staff know that their ideas and opinions will be listened to, and that we’re dedicated to supporting their growth and progression.

Read some of our real life stories below to find out more.

Breaking new ground, Stanley’s story – Joined 2014

A career by accident, Kate’s story – Joined 2012

Professional globetrotter, Tom’s story – Joined 2015

Pushing boundaries together

Our success as a business depends on collaboration and innovation. We work together, within the company and with the wider solar sector, to push the industry forwards. Our achievements so far demonstrate how much we can achieve in the future.

Read some of our real life stories below to find out more.

Engineering excellence, Chris’s story – Joined 2010

Problem solving pro, Kin’s story – Joined 2013

A sense of belonging, Adriana’s story – Joined 2019

A job of many outfits, Diana’s story – Joined 2019

Be the Change, join Lightsource bp

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