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Get more from your land with a Lightsource BP solar farm

Owning and managing land in today’s financial climate can be a challenge but with our expertise, rural businesses have seen huge rewards from solar farms.

We work with hundreds of landowners, helping them to secure predictable rental income all year round from solar farm developments. Our solar farms are custom-designed with dual-land use in mind, such as grazing small livestock, bee-keeping, increased biodiversity and cropping. Best of all, none of this costs our clients a cent. The finance for our projects is already available, meaning rental income can begin as soon as construction starts on the solar installation.

We are looking to rent land over 5 hectares, ideally close to a point of grid connection. Our lease agreements usually last for 25 years and rental payments are made quarterly in advance, even before the solar farm is fully installed.

Why choose Lightsource BP?

✓ Sustainable, long-term rental income

✓ Agricultural Specialists

✓ Highest quality components

✓ Dedicated in-house team of 200+

Predictable, long-term revenue stream

When we enter into a 25-year lease agreement with a landowner, we are committing to a competitive rental income which is paid per hectare in advance. The rental income is indexed-linked so it will rise annually with inflation, providing you with a secure revenue stream for years to come.

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Dual land-use

Our solar panels and equipment typically occupy only 30% of the leased land, meaning that the area can also be put to a range of other uses to generate additional income. The design of the solar farm can incorporate grazing of small livestock like sheep and poultry, and where large field margins are available, cropping can also be incorporated. We pride ourselves on designing the solar installation to accommodate your farming priorities.

Financing growth and planning for succession

Farm rental income is considered a favourable revenue stream by banks and lenders, which has allowed our solar farm landowners to successfully secure further financing using the rental income. The steady income provided by the rental agreement also allows landowners to address and improve future financial planning for their business and family.

Features of a typical solar farm: