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In December 2017, Borger-Odoorn municipal council adopted a policy for large-scale solar parks in the area, titled “Zonneoogst”. Based on this policy plan, the municipality has given space to a limited number of solar parks for the period 2018-2020: 10 sites of 1-5 hectares and 2 sites of 5-60 hectares.

After an assessment of various initiatives in early 2018, Lightsource BP was chosen to develop two plots of land measuring 5 hectares and build a project called Westdorperveen Solar Farm, alongside a few other initiatives. After this, various studies were carried out, in collaboration with Rho Adviseurs from Leeuwaarden, to draft a proposal. The draft plans were available for viewing from 21 June 2018 up to and including 1 August 2018. The province of Drenthe and Astron LOFAR, operator of the LOFAR radio telescope, submitted a substantive comment, after which the plans were adjusted.

  • 7.4MWp
    (Megawatt peak) installed capacity
  • 2,000
    households supplied with electricity annually(equivalent)
  • 4,000
    tonnes of CO2 saved, equivalent to taking 925 large family cars off-road

On March 15, 2019, an information evening took place in Voshuys on Ellertsweg 6 in Ellertshaar and a press release was sent out to the local media.

Download  Information Brochure (Dutch)


After this, the zoning plan and the planning permit were amended on 11 October by the municipal council of Borger-Odoorn. These amended plans were available for viewing from 8 November 2018 up to and including Wednesday 19 December 2018 for appeals. Based on the obtained permit, Lightsource BP applied for the required SDE + subsidy and this was awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate in January 2019.

An appeal was filed by Astron LOFAR against the plans for the Westdorperveen site, and the other proposals. A meeting for this was held at the Council of State on 12 June 2019, as a result of which the plans were again amended on 4 July 2019.

Lightsource BP is now busy with building preparations, including providing the grid connection with Enduris, drafting implementation designs and obtaining the final public-law permissions.

Ons Voorstel

Our proposal is based on the results of studies on ecology, archaeology and landscape values. The landscape and planting plan consider the local landscape, existing green structures, sightlines and biodiversity. Our proposal can be seen below:

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