Why utility solar?

Driven by rapidly declining costs and increasing customer demand, solar photovoltaics (PV) has emerged as the cheapest method of electricity generation worldwide. Every day, more load-serving entities are turning to this clean, carbon-free energy option as the most prudent economic choice.

Solar power helps utilities meet their sustainability goals through the provision of clean, secure and affordable energy. End-customer demand for renewable energy has never been higher, and large energy users are looking to their local providers for access to solar options. Many utilities are responding to this demand by partnering with solar developers to deliver compelling solutions – those that don’t risk being left behind as large customers pursue other options independently.

Lightsource bp is uniquely positioned to be a full-service, long-term solar partner. We finance, develop and manage PV projects, and we enter into long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) with you, the buyer. Our offerings can easily be tailored to suit any utility.

Catering to the needs and sophistication of our load serving and corporate customers, Lightsource bp has developed alternative energy offtake structures to easily enable procurement and minimize transactional burden. We offer private wire PPAs, virtual PPAs, utility sleeve transactions and green tariff structuring intelligence, all tailored to fit within your specific business plans.

What can Lightsource bp offer utilities?

  • No up-front capital costs
  • No future price uncertainty
  • No operational risk or disruption
  • No transaction fatigue
  • Meet customer demand and drive economic prosperity


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