From humble beginnings in 2010 to a global leader

On the 8th of November 2010, Lightsource began in a corner of a shared London office with just six people. The first day’s agenda involved buying laptops, mobile phones and creating a plan on what to do next. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength, from tiny start-up to UK’s largest solar company and now to a global leader in solar development as Lightsource bp. We are making great strides in providing sustainable and affordable solar power across the world, and the best is yet to come!




As our first team members celebrated this milestone by video call, reflecting on some anecdotes from the early days, but also discussing the endless possibilities that the future holds, Lightsource bp had a huge surprise planned. Watch the video below to see how we’ve renamed some of our first sites to mark this momentous occasion.

We’ve asked our ‘year one’ team to share their stories and experiences working at Lightsource bp. Read more about how they got into solar and what it’s been like working at Lightsource bp for 10 years.



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By choosing a career at Lightsource bp, you will join a team that truly cares about creating a more sustainable future for our world, through safe and meaningful low carbon energy projects.

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