In October 2019 and February 2020, Lightsource Labs (our digital innovation arm) introduced a new smart energy product to the Australian and Spanish markets.  

Introducing Tribe

Tribe is our innovative home energy management system, allowing households to optimise the energy generated from their solar and storage systems, manage consumption and save money. 

Brave new world

The energy ecosystem is undergoing profound change. We are shifting away from centralised, coal fired power generation towards a low carbon, distributed network of energy prosumers. Homes across the world are morphing into micro-power-stations, and that, combined with the mass electrification of transport, means that the need for smart energy management to help balance the grid couldn’t be greater.

One small step for man…

It sounds like a huge change, something that would need to take place on an industrial level, but the truth is the opposite. Individual homes are where the change will happen, and Tribe will help you be part of it. We’re driving this positive change forward, by intelligently optimising energy assets. Tribe makes sure you’re making the most of your solar energy or low-cost electricity from the grid, while also bringing your home into the future.

A smart proposition for installers

Tribe also offers solar installers and resellers a chance to enhance their customer offer by adding smart home technology to their existing solutions. Tribe’s machine-learning algorithms analyse energy consumption behaviour and automatically optimises loads against price signals, carbon intensity profiles and weather forecasts.

Simple, yet effective

Comprising a small hub and smartphone app, Tribe puts the end-user in control. It will enable households to monitor the energy generated by solar panels, manage smart appliances, and schedule the charging of electric vehicles – in the palm of their hand.