Climate conscious as we grow our business

Lightsource bp supports the Sustainable Development Goals


Decarbonizing across our business

We must act now to fight climate change. As a business, Lightsource bp believes that it is our responsibility to continue to improve our business practices, prioritizing reducing green house gas emissions across all our activity. We believe a rapid change is needed and we have begun to roadmap a net zero ambition. Read our information leaflet to find out more, or visit the Be Responsible section of our careers site to see how safety, responsibility and integrity are at the forefront of everything we do at Lightsource bp.

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Protecting ecosystems and biodiversity

Careful consideration is given to the way in which our solar projects are constructed. Environmental impact assessments play a key part in ensuring our projects protect the local environment. Beyond that, there are also opportunities to enhance ecosystems and biodiversity.

We work hard to ensure that our solar farms are able to benefit the local environment as well as produce renewable energy. Where practicable, our Lightsource bp projects are developed with specific and tailored plans for managing and enhancing biodiversity. Read our information leaflet to find out more.

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Cleaning up for our planet

Through our sustainability strategy, we are going to change the way we think about waste across our business. Minimizing our waste footprint, recycling as much as we can, and being part of the circular economy will become integral practices of our company. From how we work through to managing our projects, we are considering every area within our business that contributes to waste and how we can reduce, reuse and recycle. Read our information leaflet to find out more.

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In a rapidly changing global energy landscape, we must respond to the climate crises with the urgency and attention it demands. Find out more about the key areas of our sustainability strategy by clicking on one of the pages below:

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At the heart of our organisation is a culture of inclusion and diversity as we push the boundaries of an ever-changing energy landscape. Visit our careers site to be inspired by our people and find a suitable role for you.

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