Are we fair and inclusive?

Diversity is not a set of statistics to Lightsource bp, our belief is in inclusion and that is fundamental to our culture. Our success is built on people and this inclusiveness has created a great strength that many other companies aspire to.

That said there is still much more to do. We have to continue to push the boundaries of our thinking, keep improving on equity and keep the vibrancy and openness of our culture alive. Visit the Be You section of our careers website to see how inclusivity is fundamental to our culture, and find out how we invest in retaining the best talent on our Be Recognized page.

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Supporting local communities through our solar projects

Lightsource bp’s solar projects are in place for the long-term with most projects staying over 25 years. It’s important for us to assess any opportunities to go further beyond solar power and make a difference in the local community. These range from contributing to local tax revenue, creating construction jobs and empowering students through education. Download the attached leaflet to read more about how we get involved in local communities through the development of our solar projects across the globe.



In addition to empowering local communities across our solar farm, we have set up the Lightsource Foundation which has been supporting the local community of Koh Krolor in Cambodia over the last 5 years. Watch this video to find out more.


Ethical responsibility for our business and supply chain

Our teams work hard across the business to ensure we prioritize social and human rights and environmental considerations into how we do business across the world.

We are focused on creating an ethical supply chain that focuses on the need for corporate social responsibility, to ensure all parts of our business are carried out in a way that treats our workers and the environment ethically.

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In a rapidly changing global energy landscape, we must respond to the climate crises with the urgency and attention it demands. Find out more about the key areas of our sustainability strategy by clicking on one of the pages below:

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At the heart of our organisation is a culture of inclusion and diversity as we push the boundaries of an ever-changing energy landscape. Visit our careers site to be inspired by our people and find a suitable role for you.