Videos of our work and our people

At Lightsource bp, we’ve been developing responsible solar projects for over 10 years. Our work addresses many critical climate change issues and through our sustainability strategy targets and our core values we aim to make a difference. Here is a small video library showcasing our work and impacts over the last few years.

Videos about responsible solar and sustainable energy


2021 Lightsource bp year end video


A short video about Lightsource bp and what we do.


Solar projects connected in 2020.


We've been safely constructing responsible solar projects across the world, through COVID-19 pandemic.


In December 2019, we equalised our shareholding with bp plc, becoming a 50:50 joint venture.

Videos about our energy partnerships and projects


Find out more about how our Big Horn solar project in Pueblo, Colorado is contributing to local economic development.


Watch our construction team in action, building responsible solar for Pensylvania.


Find out how our corporate power purchase agreements help local businesses save money and become more sustainable.


Our floating solar project is well known for its innovation in engineering, find out how solar power helps deliver drinking water to London.

Videos about land use and biodiversity


Solar farms can be designed for sheep grazing and the panels also provide shelter in bad weather.


Enhancing biodiversity and improving habitats are priorities for our solar projects.


The National Farmer's Union in the UK launches their best practice guidance for agricultural use of solar farms.

Videos about our people and communities


A special video to celebrate the Lightsource bp team for International Women's Day 2020.


Our solar projects are developed with a focus on education. We host open days for students to learn more.


At Lightsource bp, we like to think outside of the box, one of our most innovative partnerships to date has been powering the FIA Formula-E event in London.


Dual land-use and farmland diversification is possible with solar. Hear from some of our landowners on their experience in working with Lightsource bp.

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At the heart of our organisation is a culture of inclusion and diversity as we push the boundaries of an ever-changing energy landscape. Visit our careers site to be inspired by our people and find a suitable role for you.