Management designed from an owner’s perspective

Over the past seven years, Lightsource bp has built an impressive portfolio of around 730MW of solar assets under management. We firmly believe that a successful asset management service is built on a strong sense of accountability, coupled with a cross-functional structure and a multi-disciplinary operating model.

Our unique business model centres around the investment and its stakeholders. At Lightsource bp, Asset Management’s objective is to maximise value creation and ensure the long term return of the portfolio of assets.  The approach we use is focused on stabilising operations, enhancing value creation and minimising interface risk for the owners. We achieve this by undertaking the financial, commercial and technical management activities required to ensure that the energy produced by every solar PV installation is converted into the appropriate revenue stream.


Typical Asset Management Scope

✔ Contract Management

EPC and O&M contracts, security arrangements, land leases, grid and MOP agreements, PPAs and insurance

✔ Technical Management & Performance Analysis

Monitoring, performance review and reporting. Technical Adviser relationship management

✔ Finance and Revenue Management

Accounting and bookkeeping, treasury and invoicing, budget and forecast, statute accounts and audit assistance, VAT management

✔ Loan Compliance Management

Borrowers obligations compliance, financial reporting and debt service, waivers

✔ Regulatory Affairs

Planning authorities, Ofgem and Health and Safety.

Performance optimisation, contracts and stakeholders’ management

Dedicated asset management is a vital part of ensuring that solar installations operate as efficiently as possible. The proper management of a solar project is highly complex, with technical and engineering components making up just a piece of the puzzle. We have designed a robust system of processes and procedures from the owner’s perspective, focusing on control and maximisation of return.

High-calibre asset managers

On the back of Lightsource bp’s status as Europe’s largest solar power company, we have attracted a talented, highly skilled and motivated team of Asset Managers capable of delivering dynamic and wide-ranging services.  Our team of in-house experts comprises engineers, project finance experts, former project managers and renewable energy developers, as well as insurance, energy markets and metering experts. Our Asset Managers are proud to advance the company’s reputation for excellence, providing high standards of service and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Since 2011, the Lightsource bp portfolio has outperformed production targets, generating £4.995m of extra revenues (4.6% above budget) whilst managing a growing portfolio comprising sites at different stages in their lifecycle.