The future of business energy is here

Lightsource bp is delivering subsidy-free solar energy solutions to major energy users across the UK. Solar power is fast becoming the heart of tailored, distributed generation solutions worldwide due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability, versatility and speed of deployment. Unmatched expertise allows us to offer a fully-funded solution, customised to your needs, where electricity is delivered and billed directly through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

If your answer to the following questions is yes, then procuring solar electricity from Lightsource bp will make a difference to your business.

  • Reduce Opex
    Benefit from bill savings
  • Fix Costs
    Secure a portion of your electricity cost long-term
  • Fully-Funded
    No capex required

Is solar right for you?

✓ Require more than 5,000MWh/year of electricity?

✓ Looking to reduce costs?

✓ Seeking protection from a volatile energy market?

✓ Aiming to meet carbon targets and improve CSR?

Why procure solar electricity?

Subsidy-free solar at your finger tips. 

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Save on your electricity bill

All our clients realise an immediate saving on their electricity bill within the first month of connection. Our solar specialists will produce a detailed proposal outlining expected savings for the entire duration of the contract that can be benchmarked against projected increases in traditional electricity costs.

A proven solution

Lightsource bp is already supplying solar electricity to many large corporates. Our clients include Bentley Motors, Belfast International Airport and Thames Water. The cost of solar energy has come down significantly over the last five years making solar generation a viable alternative to traditional retail electricity during the day.

A long-term partnership

Our in-house team will assist you every step of the way from building the business case, to delivering a reliable source of power over the next 30 years. We will ensure no disruptions to your business.