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Over the years we have built experience and capability in structuring partnerships that deliver. Our commitment invested in our partners remains unrivalled by creating flexible partnerships that work for both parties from lead generation through to long term operations and maintenance.  We have experience structuring introducer agreements, portfolio deals, joint ventures, pipeline acquisitions and much more.


Discuss your project with us:

✓ Introducers

If you are just starting the development process with a project or pipeline, we would like the opportunity to discuss its potential with you. Our capability and experience in-house is perfectly placed to offer a partnership that can deliver.

✓ Developers

We can demonstrate a remarkable track record in Developer led partnerships across 7 years. Our financial engineering and large-scale procurement capability contribute immensely towards getting projects over the line.

✓ Consultants

We recognise the importance of industry Consultants and welcome the opportunity to present value added services to your clients. Working in partnership, we can create bespoke solutions for your clients and tailor implementation plans that will suit your business.

✓ EPCs

We have a long-standing track record with EPCs, from shovel-ready partnerships through to portfolio acquisitions. We pride ourselves in delivering construction finance in realising projects and portfolios.

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Why choose Lightsource BP?

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Our agility and understanding of the solar market (globally and locally) will create value for your project, identify and mitigate development risks, as well as foresee potential challenges and pitfalls with investors.

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Access to Construction Captial

Our exceptional track record in raising construction finance will mitigate risk and provide investor confidence. By choosing to partner with Lightsource bp, you are choosing to realise your development pipeline with a vetted partner.

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Leverage our buying power

Our global reach ensures that we are at the forefront of pricing compatibility and product innovation. As a partner, your team will leverage our in-house expertise in procurement, design supply chain management and research.

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We merit projects on their individuality. Our team recognise there is no one-size-fits all solution in our partnerships. We will work directly with you to understand your priorities and agree a process that benefits both parties. We can also work together on lead generation, development, construction, or any other step of the project.

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We understand the importance of trust when entering into partnerships. Our team strive to ensure our customers and vendors are approached with integrity.