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Generate your own electricity

It’s not always easy to be green. As global leaders in solar innovation, our expert team have developed a range of hassle-free options to help you power your home, fix your electricity costs and protect the planet all at the same time! Our customised solutions are designed to make it easy for you and your family to choose cheaper, smarter, more efficient energy for your home.

Smart & Connected Homes

Get a solar PV system for the roof of your home at no upfront cost with Lightsource BP’s fully-funded smart home solution. Fix a low rate for 25 years, and save a minimum of £200 every year, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

This innovative solution comes with a home battery, designed to store electricity for later use, and a personal intelligent energy management system to help you monitor generation, usage, import and export.

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How it works:


  1. Your Solar PV panels generate electricity during daylight hours. This DC electricity is sent down a cable to an inverter, converted to AC and used to power your home and appliances.
  2. If the electricity is not required, the inverter sends it to the battery, charging it for later use. Once the battery is fully charged, the excess electricity is sent out to the national grid.
  3. At times when your panels are not generating (such as night time), the electricity stored in the battery is used to power your home and appliances.
  4. You can monitor all system activity from anywhere using the Home Energy Management System