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An unparalleled record of excellence

Our in-house planning team are recognised across the UK as industry experts with unparalleled experience in their field. We have a rigorous site selection process and an outstanding track record of working with local authorities and communities to obtain planning permission for our projects.

Championing the rural economy

The diversification of land by introducing solar energy generation is a tried and tested solution. When implemented responsibly, solar farms are a revolutionary way of generating clean, locally-produced energy while retaining the land’s biodiversity values and agricultural use.

We are absolutely focused on championing the rural economy and ensuring our projects promote the local supply chain. We pride ourselves on developing home-grown solar energy assets that communities can be proud of.

Our planning process:

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1 – Site Selection

We have a rigorous site selection process, involving desktop constraint analysis, site visits and pre-application engagement with local planning authorities.

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2 – Preparation

For sites that pass the selection process and also meet all commercial requirements, preparation begins on the planning application. Our expert in-house planning team prepare the core documents and liaise with the Local Planning Authority, alongside managing assessments from specialist consultants, including landscape architects, ecologists and archaeologists. All of the assessments feed in to the final design of the proposal.

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3 – Community Engagement

Alongside the preparation of the planning application, we engage with the local community in accordance with our community engagement strategy. We proactively approach Councillors, Parish Councils, residents and community interest groups, to outline our initial ideas and obtain feedback, This allows us to shape our proposals. We prepare project briefings which are mailed directly to the local community, and hold drop in community information events, so that all interested parties can meet our team and discuss our proposals. Our in-house communications team also work with the local press to ensure all interested parties are well informed.

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4 – The Planning Application

Once the application is submitted to the local authority, we proactively respond to feedback from statutory consultees and stay in touch with the community and other interested groups throughout the process.

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5 – The Decision

The decision on whether to grant planning permission for our proposals is an executive function of the Chief Executive within each local authority and this power is generally delegated down to the Director of Planning. Our in-house planners have a comprehensive understanding of the planning and development process. Central to this is the development of positive working relationships with elected members, local authority planners and senior decision makers in both local councils and other statutory bodies.


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6 – Post-Construction

Following completion of construction, our in-house planners visit each of our sites to ensure compliance with the conditions of the planning permissions.