Realise the value of your solar farm lease today

Leasing your land for a solar farm was definitely the right choice at the time, but do you ever think about future uncertainty and long-term implications? At Lightsource bp we are currently working with hundreds of landowners across the country to ensure our solar farm schemes continue to play an important role in sustaining the rural economy. Our involvement within rural communities over the last 7 years demonstrates an unrivalled track record in the planning, development and long-term management of solar farms.

This presents owners of solar farm land with an opportunity to capitalise future rental income into a one-off payment, without having to wait until the end of your lease to receive it. We have already secured the funding to proceed with acquisitions, and our in-house team are highly experienced in the sale and purchase of rural assets.

Land management & rural services

Lightsource bp prides itself in being the only solar company in the UK that boasts a specialist in-house land management and ground maintenance team. We currently manage over 10,000 acres in our rural portfolio. The extensive knowledge of our rural services team ensures that Lightsource bp will be an expert custodian of the solar farm land that we acquire. Furthermore, our work and presence in rural communities means we are experienced neighbours and work in harmony with the local environment.

Why Capitalise Today

✓ Upfront sum protected from future uncertainty

✓ Secure ‘cash-bank’ to insulate against subsidy changes

✓ Freedom from burden of dealing with tenants

✓ Funds to purchase other land

✓ Solution to any succession issues

✓ Realising potential capital gains benefits

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