Power Purchase Agreements – Hedge against rising power prices today

A Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, from Lightsource bp, allows corporate entities to secure a portion of their annual electricity consumption from solar power, at absolutely no upfront cost. We fund, plan, develop, construct and connect a solar farm designed specifically for your business, and charge a fixed, often index-linked rate for the electricity. This not only helps you to reduce your carbon emissions but also allows you to secure power at a rate guaranteed to stay the same for at least the next 20 years.

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Private Wire

For businesses with a single centre of operations and an energy demand of over 5,000MWh a year, located near enough suitable land, Lightsource bp can offer a private wire PPA. We’ll build a solar installation near your site, and hardwire it into your private network, behind the meter.


Sleeved Power Purchase Agreement

For businesses with a high energy demand spread across many sites, or for those located in urban areas without suitable land for solar installations, we can offer sleeved PPAs. We’ll construct a solar farm in an optimum location, and your business will receive the equivalent solar electricity generated, via the grid.

Why now?

Addressing volatility and escalating costs


The UK energy market is evolving. Distributed, low-carbon energy generation is fast replacing the declining capacity of centralised, fossil-fuel based power stations that once dominated the electricity market. In response, the delivered price of power is rising to absorb integration costs of increased intermittent, low-carbon generation.

We are now in a situation where the end user is exposed to both market volatility and uncertainty that comes with buying energy. It is crucial for businesses to consider putting in place measures to hedge against this volatility and a PPA with Lightsource bp is the perfect opportunity.

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4 Steps to Future Pricing Certainty

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Starting with an appraisal, we assess if our solar electricity solution is right for your business.

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Contract Agreement

We provide a tailored solution, including energy cost savings for the length of the agreement. We negotiate a PPA which secures your long-term pricing certainty.

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Using our finance and in-house expertise we develop, build and connect your private wire.

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Lightsource bp fully maintains the solar farm for the length of the contract, with no impact on daily business operations.