Proposed solar farms at Thorpe Bank and Middlefield

We will fund both solar installations and these will be connected into the local electricity network. The Thorpe Bank Solar Farm will have an output power capacity of 30MW (Megawatts) and Middlefield Farm a capacity of 10MW.

  • Site-Build-Timeline-Site-Selection

    Site selection

  • Site-Build-Timeline-Design-Assessment

    Preliminary assessments & side design

  • Site-Build-Timeline-Planning

    Planning application

  • Discharge of planning conditions

  • Construction

  • Operation

  • Decommissioning

We are currently preparing a detailed planning application for the Thorpe Bank Solar Farm and are in the process of undertaking a wide range of environmental assessments to help shape our proposals. These include landscape and visual, heritage and archaeology, ecology and ornithology and more. It is our aim to submit this application to Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council in 2020.

The Middlefield Solar Farm proposal is at an earlier planning assessment stage. However, as the two projects are located within the same Parish we felt it was important to provide an overview of our wider proposals to the community. At this stage a limited number of assessments have been conducted on this proposed site at Middlefield.

An important part of the planning process is engaging with local communities to provide more information on our proposals and gather feedback. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions in the UK, we are seeking to ensure that our community engagement is undertaken safely. Safety is one of our core values, and in order to keep to the high standards of community engagement that we’ve set as a company we’re replacing our community consultation event with a project webpage.

  • 9,265
    homes powered per year (6,946 Thorpe Bank and 2,316 Low Middlefield)
  • 9,431
    tonnes of carbon emissions saved (7,073 Thorpe Bank and 2,358 Low Middlefield)
  • 2,096
    cars taken off the road per year (1,572 from Thorpe Bank and 524 Low Middlefield)

Find out more about our plans below:

As well as additional information about Lightsource bp solar farms:

We’re committed to remaining open and engaged with the community during this process. In light of the unusual circumstances, we’re offering anyone who would like to discuss the project the chance to have a one-on-one discussion with our Environmental Planning team, either by phone or via video conferencing. Please use the form below to get in touch if you’d like to arrange this.

Our Proposal

Our initial plans are outlined below. These plans will be informed by the results of our environmental and planning assessments which are currently underway. If you have any thoughts on our current plans, we would like to hear from you.

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk to us about either Thorpe Bank or Middlefield Solar Farm, simply fill out the form below and click “submit”. We’ll aim to get back to you within five working days. We are aware that not everyone has access to the internet – if you are aware of anyone wishing to speak to us about this project, please encourage them to call 0333 200 0755.

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