The business case for solar

As the cost of producing clean, locally sourced energy falls, America’s energy buyers are increasingly turning to renewables like solar to power their communities. In fact, in recent years renewables have overtaken fossil fuels as the power source of choice in new capacity additions. And the pace is only going to pick up as public demand for sustainable energy grows.

Solar photovoltaics (PV) in particular has emerged as a sustainable and economically prudent option for utilities, municipalities and co-ops. Load servers throughout North America are making the switch to utility-scale PV – a peaking resource with long-term pricing visibility, minimal operating expense and the potential to meet rate stabilization needs.

Lightsource bp is uniquely positioned to be a full-service, long-term solar partner for electricity buyers ranging from small utilities to corporate clients. We design, build, own and operate solar PV projects, and we enter into long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) with you, the buyer.

Tailored to you

Our customer-focused approach can be tailored to your goals. We have developed alternative energy offtake structures to easily enable procurement and minimize transactional burden. We help you navigate options such as traditional power purchase agreements, virtual PPAs, utility sleeve transactions and green tariff structuring intelligence, and ensure the package you receive is right for you.

We perform all aspects of project development, finance and construction. We also retain all operational responsibility to maximize power production throughout the project lifespan.

What Lightsource bp can offer:

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No up-front capital costs

Because we design and own all of our installations, there is no initial cost to our partners.

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No future price uncertainty

The cost of solar energy is highly predictable in contrast to the fluctuating costs of traditional energy sources.

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No operational risk or disruption

We can start delivering clean, predictable energy to you very quickly with no down-time to your business.

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Meet customer demand and drive economic prosperity

Consumers and governments alike are demanding clean renewable energy at a cost that suits them.