Solar and storage developer providing full project lifecycle services

As a leading utility-scale solar company, we strive to develop, finance, own and operate best-in-class solar and storage projects across the USA. Our end-to-end approach to responsible solar development and long-term investment strategy, which includes maintaining management control along with ownership stake, creates value across the asset lifecycle. 

This strategy provides consistent and experienced management of our utility-scale solar projects across America to the benefit of our offtake clients, lenders, co-investors, and the communities where our projects are operating. In addition, this provides Lightsource bp with valuable experience and data from operating sites as a feedback loop that informs improvements to drive optimal performance and the most value out of our assets over their life. 

Our end-to-end approach to utility-scale solar development 

Our in-house team of solar specialists works hand-in-hand with our energy buyers, investment partners and landowners to deliver best-in-class projects. Lightsource bp is committed to managing our solar facilities throughout their lifetimes to deliver high-quality projects using proven technologies and tier-1 equipment. We maintain our solar farms long-term for optimal operation and safety, with financial strength to ensure we deliver on our promises.  

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    Site Selection & Preliminary Design

  • Site-Build-Timeline-Design-Assessment

    Stakeholder Outreach

  • Site-Build-Timeline-Planning

    Permitting & Environmental Studies

  • Site-Build-Timeline-Conditions

    Land Management & Biodiversity Planning

  • Site-Build-Timeline-Construction

    Final Engineering, Financing & Construction

  • Site-Build-Timeline-Operation

    Operation & Maintenance

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    Decommissioning & Recycling


Stakeholder and community outreach

We work with various stakeholders when building our solar farms to make sure our projects benefit the local community – not just by generating clean electricity that improves air quality, but by improving the local economy and ecosystem as well. We construct our solar farms with a view to strengthen rural economies, promote solar education, foster environmental sustainability, and create meaningful community partnerships. 

Site Selection & Land Management

Our solar project development involves site specific environmental assessments that include cultural surveys, threatened and endangered species assessments, wetlands delineations, as well as consultation with wildlife regulatory agencies. We create customized long-term environmental management plans for each project in order to maximize the local sustainability benefits of our solar farms. These plans often include dual-use solar initiatives like solar grazing or habitat conservation on solar sites.  

Fully-funded Projects

Lightsource bp is a solar project developer, financier and long-term asset owner-operator. Fully funded Lightsource bp solar solutions provide our energy buyers with access to clean, cost-effective electricity with no up-front capital required and no operational disruption or risk.  Our structured finance team manages end-to-end project funding requirements and continues to innovate with industryleading asset finance products.  With billions already deployed into solar projects, we have access to some of the most competitive terms in the market. Our financial partners are leading financial institutions that trust our execution capabilities.  

Operations and Maintenance Expertise

We offer clients a single point of contact in the management of their assets, providing a full-scope service including site optimization, performance reviews, maintenance and risk management. As one of the largest owners and operators of solar plants in the world, we take pride in our world class Asset Management and Operations capabilities. We will maintain partnerships throughout the asset life, providing top-quality lifecycle services and maximizing project output and returns. 

Decommissioning & Recycling

  We are committed to recycling all solar panels at our projects across the United States – that includes any panels damaged or nonfunctioning during construction, operations, and all panels at the end of life/decommissioning. 

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A responsible solar developer for the future

Lightsource bp has a commitment to mitigating climate change through clean and affordable energy as well as maximizing the environmental sustainability and positive social impacts of each of our projects. Read these case studies to learn more about our Responsible Solar approach in action.  

Sheep grazing at a Lightsource bp solar farm in Pennsylvania, demonstrating an example of agrivoltaics

Dual-use solar grazing

Agrivoltaics are a win-win-win in Pennsylvania.

Learn more about solar grazing
Aerial view of a utility-scale solar farm in the snow

Mitigating risk from extreme weather

We’re building more resilient projects in the age of climate change.

Learn more about our innovative approach
Lightsource bp's Bighorn Solar Farm in Pueblo, Colorado

Mapping the future of energy

GIS tools are helping us save the world, one map at a time.

Learn more about responsible solar siting
An aerial view of a utility-scale solar project in Texas

Recycling solar panels

We are committed to recycling all solar panels at our projects across the United States

Learn more about solar decommissioning

Our solar project portfolio across the United States 

Lightsource bp currently has 2.2 gigawatts of solar in operation or construction across the United States, with a North American solar and storage development pipeline of 20 gigawatts.  

The below map highlights our projects in operation or construction, along with projects that are in advanced development with announced power contracts.

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