For our people and our planet

Lightsource bp supports the Sustainable Development Goals

It’s time to act now

Climate change, decarbonizing energy, and biodiversity loss are among the complex and interwoven global issues that we face today. These issues have serious environmental consequences directly impacting on both the natural world and people’s lives and livelihoods.

At Lightsource bp, we are taking action to respond to the urgent call to address these issues now through our sustainability strategy aligned to  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) [7] and [13].

Our core contribution to global sustainability is in decarbonizing the world’s energy landscape through responsibly developed solar projects. However, we have done and plan to do much more. Our sustainability mission statement and framework below sets out Lightsource bp’s sustainability direction and goals.

We are going beyond solar

We are committed to transforming into a climate positive business as we continue to grow, and to maximise the sustainable benefits of our solar projects around the world. As we grow, we will continue to minimise waste, move towards reducing our emissions, protect ecosystems and improve biodiversity. Watch the videos below to see some examples of our work and how we are creating a positive impact across energy, the environment and our people.


Lightsource bp projects in 2022

A snapshot view of our solar projects in progress so far in Q3 2022.


Celebrating 100 employees in Spain

We are celebrating our team in Spain, which in 2022 has now achieved 100 employees!


Build your career at Lightsource bp

See what it's like to work at Lightsource bp - a diverse, agile, global community, delivering solar power to our world.


Our UK apprenticeship scheme

Our apprenticeship scheme is offering our apprentices a strong foundation to build a meaningful career with us.


Lightsource bp 2021 year end video

A video to celebrate our people and our best moments of 2021 at Lightsource bp.


Nick Boyle speaks to CIBC - Vision 2045

Vision 2045 is a campaign of documentaries to inspire businesses and people to take collective action to ensure a better future for us all.

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We are an agile-minded organization, pushing ourselves to do better through our sustainability strategy targets and our core values. In a rapidly changing global energy landscape, we have to respond to the climate crisis with the urgency and attention it demands. Find out more about the key areas of our sustainability strategy by clicking on one of the pages below:

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At the heart of our organisation is a culture of inclusion and diversity as we push the boundaries of an ever-changing energy landscape. Visit our careers site to be inspired by our people and find a suitable role for you.

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