How do we empower our communities?

We work with various stakeholders when building our solar farms to make sure our projects benefit the local community – not just by generating clean electricity that improves air quality, but by improving the local economy and ecosystem as well. We construct our solar farms with a view to strengthen rural economies, promote solar education, foster environmental sustainability, and create partnerships.


Empowering economic development

Our solar projects help provide stable revenue for landowners as well as create jobs, generate property tax revenue, and bring operating budgets that are primarily spent in the area.

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Empowering education

We value education and help bring real-world experiences to the classroom through funding for research, internships, capstone projects, solar training, and so much more.

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Solar grazing at Nittany 1 solar farm

Empowering environmental sustainability

We increase environmental sustainability on our project sites through our Responsible Solar approach. Many of our solar farms are pollinator friendly, boost local biodiversity and have co-located agriculture.

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Empowering partnerships

Our partnerships allow us to collaborate with other like-minded organizations that share a desire to create a more sustainable, resilient and equitable world for present and future generations.

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Responsible Solar in action: Read our real life stories

Here is a glimpse into some of the work we’re doing to benefit communities through our unique approach to Responsible Solar.  We hope you enjoy learning more! 

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