Advancing solar energy across the USA

At Lightsource bp we’re working to accelerate our country’s transition to a low carbon future through clean and affordable solar power. With every project in our portfolio, we’re committed to making meaningful contributions to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The projects below represent a portion of our portfolio. To learn more about these or other projects, contact us. We’re eager to hear from you.

Our energy partners and solar projects

Learn more about our utility-scale solar projects, our partners and the benefits we’re bringing to businesses and communities.

Operational solar projects

Solar projects under construction

Solar projects in advanced development

See our solar project pipeline across the US and around the world 

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Solar project videos

Take a look at the footage below to see examples of our projects across the US.



Lightsource bp projects in construction in 2022

An insider look into the activity that's going on so far in 2022, as we gear up on our solar development projects to keep focus towards achieving our 25GW by 2025 target. We're building worldwide and our global teams continue their journey in delivering sustainable and affordable solar power for our world.


Lightsource bp projects built in 2020

Take a look at the video to see all the solar projects we connected in 2020 – despite the upheaval of a global pandemic and national lockdowns, our team came together to continue delivering sustainable and affordable solar power for our world, including several projects across the US.


Solar farms can be co-located with agriculture

Solar farms provide local landowners and their families with additional, reliable revenue for 25-30 years, keeping the land in the family and helping with the costs of their farming business. They can also be co-located with agriculture.


300MW Bighorn Solar is helping revitalize Colorado's economy

Our Bighorn Solar project in Pueblo Colorado is a great example of how solar can help revitalize our economy, as well as lead our transition to low carbon energy that includes everyone.


70MW Penn State project created good paying construction jobs in Pennsylvania

Our solar project with Penn State is helping develop the Pennsylvania solar market and expertise in solar energy – as well as employ over 250 people in construction, operations, maintenance and asset management.


Our work with Penn State to create a model for maximizing the sustainable benefits of solar

Penn State University and Lightsource bp have formed an innovative partnership designed to be a national model in sustainability. Together, we’re building the largest solar energy project in rural Pennsylvania that we’re hoping will be a living prototype for universities across the country.


44MW in Pennsylvania helping advance transportation's transition to low carbon

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), among the largest transit agencies in the United States serving the Greater Philadelphia region, and Lightsource bp signed a long-term power contract for two solar farms totaling 43.8 MW in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.


Impact Solar project will boost biodiversity in Texas

260MW of affordable, clean and locally generated electricity for Texas communities