We offer a wide range of energy solutions for customers across America, providing cost-effective end-to-end offerings designed to fit your needs.

Renewable Energy Contracts

Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are fully customized, to meet individual business needs.


Virtual PPAs

A financial contract, where your business does not have to physically receive the electricity. You agree to purchase a projects outputs and associated RECs at a set fixed price, and Lightsource bp then liquidates the energy at market pricing and passes any incremental revenue through to the off-taker.

Physical PPAs

A contract between your business and Lightsource bp, for the physical delivery and allocation of energy and environmental attributes of the solar plant. We will fund, develop and deliver a solar installation on land on or near your operation, and then connect a private wire from the plant to your building, behind the meter.

PV + Storage

Lightsource bp has existing partnerships with some of the top storage technology providers. The value of our PV+ ESS offers provide multiple benefits, including firm local capacity, which minimizes the impact of intermittent generation on the grid and a range of ancillary services.


Firmed Solar

In partnership with bp, we can provide solar products firmed by gas in certain regions to utility customers. This option eliminates the need for new fossil generation, and increases access to clean energy while delivering a firmed product where needed.


Renewable Financial Products

Combining our financial expertise and funding capabilities with our large, and growing development pipeline in deregulated markets, allows us to deliver renewable financial products to businesses.