Make the most of your land

We believe that solar can play a vital role enhancing farms and rural communities across North America. With a portfolio of around 10,000 acres under management, Lightsource BP is a trusted partner for landowners looking to generate secure, long-term income alongside existing land uses and revenue streams. We work with property owners to identify and develop optimal solar arrays, designed to suit your land, requirements and core values. As the custodians of property leased for up to 35 years, we also work hard to ensure our projects integrate into the local community and surrounding natural environment.


What’s in it for you?

  • Sustainable, long-term rental income
  • Diversification of land use
  • Low-impact, emission-free infrastructure
  • Support clean energy resources for your local community


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How does it work?

Our proposition is simple: you allow us to construct a solar farm on your land; we pay rent and assume property maintenance for the full 35-year lifespan of the solar farm. If you are interested in becoming a partner for one of our solar projects, we will undertake assessments and formalize the partnership by entering into a long-term property lease.

The lease carefully details Lightsource BP’s commitments to the landowner, which include scheduled payments and responsibilities for Lightsource BP to uphold as custodian of the land during the lease period. The lease also details the landowner’s commitments to Lightsource BP, including an agreement to protect the land’s access to solar resource and to enable Lightsource BP to access the property as needed for project construction and servicing.

Lightsource BP planners and development managers will work closely to design a solar array that integrates effectively with current and future land uses, striving to achieve minimal impact.

Features of a typical solar farm: