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Why solar?

Landowners throughout North America are seeing first-hand how solar pays off. Allocating a portion of your land to a solar farm opens up a dependable income stream and makes it easier for you to manage crucial resources like water.

With thousands of acres under management, Lightsource BP is increasingly North America’s trusted partner for solar land leases that deliver secure, long-term income to landowners.

Our approach to landowner partnerships stems from our deep knowledge of the rural economy. We sit down with you to understand your goals and requirements for your land and to explore whether ‘solar as a crop’ is right for you. And we consider closely the needs of the surrounding community and environment.

There are also wider benefits. Having access to solar technology helps you allocate water resources in a more targeted way, driving efficient land management.

What you get

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Compatibility check

Our first step is to carry out some initial checks to confirm your land is compatible with solar.

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Lease / Purchase proposal

We will provide a proposal to you which details the size of the solar farm and how much income you could receive.

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Option period

We will then enter into an option period with you. The option does not impact your ability to continue using the land and you can continue generating income from current land uses and receive the option payment.

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Permits and permission

During the option period we will determine what permits are necessary; getting permission to interconnect to the local electric grid and finalize the power purchase agreements.

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Ready to build

When we are ready to build the solar farm, we exercise the lease or purchase option. We will also include details of the construction plan and a timeline.

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Ongoing access

Our landowner partners have a responsibility to protect the land’s access to solar resource, and to allow us to access the property as needed for project construction and servicing.

Coming on board

These terms are all carefully detailed in our lease. If you’re interested in partnering for one of our solar projects, get in touch using the button below. Our team of industry veterans will come out to undertake assessments and formalize the partnership by entering into a long-term agreement. We look forward to working with you.

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Features of a typical solar farm: