Advancing Solar Energy Across Australia

At Lightsource bp we’re accelerating our country’s transition to a low carbon future through clean and affordable solar power. With every project in our portfolio, we’re committed to making meaningful contributions to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The projects below represent a portion of our global portfolio. To learn more about these or other projects, contact us. We’re eager to hear from you.

Lightsource bp projects in construction in 2022

An insider look into the activity that’s going on so far in 2022, as we gear up on our solar development projects to keep focus towards achieving our 25GW by 2025 target. We’re building worldwide and our global teams continue their journey in delivering sustainable and affordable solar power for our world.

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Our solar projects

Learn more about our projects, our partners and the benefits we’re bringing to businesses and communities.

Supporting local communities through solar projects

Solar projects can operate for up to 40 years. The long-term nature of our projects enables us to go beyond solar power and make a difference in the local communities we work in. In Australia, our community activities range from creating construction jobs, preserving Aboriginal heritage items and partnering with the Clontarf Foundation which aims to improve the education and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men through its activities.

To find out more about what we’re doing to support local communities around the world visit our sustainability page.