West Mokoan Solar Farm – Project Details

This page provides information on the West Mokoan Solar Farm project.

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    Site selection

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    preliminary assessment & site design

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    planning application

  • discharge of planning conditions

  • construction

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The West Mokoan Solar Farm project consists of a 364MWdc solar farm and battery energy storage system (BESS). The project is made up of two separate sites, located on Benalla-Yarrawonga Road, Benalla, in the Hume Region of Victoria.

The southern project site (formerly known as Kennedys Creek Solar Farm) received development approval from the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in November 2020. The northern project site is currently under assessment by DELWP. The whole of the solar farm covers 713 hectares of land, which has been predominantly used for grazing.

The solar farm will have an installed capacity of 364 MWdc, producing 761,567 MWh of clean, renewable electricity annually.  Enough to power 109,815 homes, saving 609,254 tonnes of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking 253,768 cars off the road. 

Lightsource bp will construct and operate the project, delivering renewable energy to Australia’s grid.  The project includes a BESS to shift renewable energy to night-time peaks and support the reliable operation of Australia’s grid. Operation and maintenance buildings, civil works, and electrical infrastructure required to connect to the existing electricity network will be developed as part of the project. Construction is set to begin late 2023, providing up to 450 full-time construction roles throughout the process.



  • 364MWdc
    installed capacity
  • 761,567MWh
    renewable electricity generated per year
  • 109,815
    homes powered (equivalent)
  • 609,254
    metric tonnes of carbon emissions saved
  • 253,768
    fuel-burning cars taken off the roads (equivalent)
  • 450
    jobs created during construction

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